OneSoci 2.0 by OneSoci Review – Powerful Social Media App To Create & Run Your Entire Marketing Campaigns From One Powerful Dashboard

OneSoci 2.0 by OneSoci – Powerful Social Media App To Create & Run Your Entire Marketing Campaigns From One Powerful Dashboard

OneSoci 2.0 is strongest software to create and run your entire marketing campaigns with capability to find content, design posts, manage groups and pages, schedule updates, run ad campaigns, make one click optins and so much more. OneSoci 2.0 has everything you need to run your social media marketing including social media poster, content finder, content scheduler, post designer, 1 click timeline optin, ads manager + designer, analytics dashboard, 30+ templates. For example if you are a Facebook marketer you own several Facebook pages and run continuously ad campaigns for yourself and for your clients. When you own hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers, you necessary powerful tools for finding content, posting it and advertising, OneSoci 2.0 offers that all. You can easily search for content to post to your pages.

Especially you will love the feature that you can easily schedule the posts you want to share, this has been missing from your current tools. You can also run ad campaigns straight from your OneSoci 2.0 dashboard, which tremendously saves your time. You can even create outstanding cover images. OneSoci 2.0 is a forceful all in one management system that you happy to recommend to any Facebook page owner and marketer.

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OneSoci 2.0 – Powerful Social Media App To Create & Run Your Entire Marketing Campaigns From One Powerful Dashboard

OneSoci 2.0 is packed with awesome features:

  • 1 Click Timeline Optin – This amazing new feature lets you post to the Facebook timeline and when users click ‘OK’ button, it catchs their name, email and more. Nothing else does this right from the timeline, it’s a really innovative new feature.
  • Content Finder – Find endless video, image and text content using your selected keyword and transform that in your social media profiles by posting it with OneSoci 2.0.
  • Social Media Poster. Post and share content to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest automatically, soon or scheduled in the future.
  • Post Designer – Design your posts with the in house image post and editor directly to your social media accounts. Select from hundreds of background images and tens of ready to go post templates.
  • Facebook Cover Photo Designer – Design your cover photo and post it to your own page from the application, also watch how it would look on your page even before you post it. Pick from hundreds of background images or use our ‘ready to edit’ templates.
  • Facebook Ads API Integration & Approval – Design, target and bring out your Facebook ad campaign directly from the application with continued targeting through flexible specs. This has been fully approved by Facebook so has complete ads API access. Customers will love having all their Facebook marketing in one dashboard including for the first time ever, Facebook ads.
  • Social Scheduler – Set and forget method your contest posting with a detailed social scheduling for every your social media accounts. You will able set when your posts appear.
  • Ad Designer – Design ads with the built in image editor or utilize external integrated apps like Youzign. You can even choose from our ready made ad templates which are preloaded in your account.
  • Post Analytics – If you don’t measure the results of your social media marketing, you are ‘flying blind’. You must to watch what is working, so you can make the best choice for your business. OneSoci 2.0 lets you see it all in one place.
  • Cover Photo Preview – Check out what cover photo is displayed on any of your pages, edit and change it whatever you want. You never have to leave OneSoci, this is a massive timesaver.
  • Active Ads Reporting – Maintain track of your active ads, how they are performing and more all from within OneSoci 2.0.
  • Integration with Youzign, the leading cloud based design application.
  • With your OneSoci 2.0 account you get hundreds of background images and 30 ‘available to edit’ templates right within the app.
  • Powerful usage rights that let you manage 50 pages and groups right within your OneSoci 2.0 dashboard.
  • OneSoci 2.0’s design functions are loaded with over 500 background images so you can quickly create your own post images, cover images and ads.

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OneSoci 2.0 – Powerful Social Media App To Create & Run Your Entire Marketing Campaigns From One Powerful Dashboard

OneSoci 2.0 turns your social media marketing into a simple process with just find, engage, profit. Use our built in research tools to find the most viral, compelling, active content that you can freely utilize in your own updates. This will really save you hours of your time and the results can be immediately adapted to your necessaries and posted where you need them. Having Facebook likes, Twitter follower or Pinterest pins is no nice except that you know how to receive these users engaging with your marketing.

OneSoci 2.0 lets you do just that with our giant range of interactive apps. All from one click optin posts to viral content is handled in this application, including the strong analytics to measure your engagement to watch what is working. Use our fully integrated, API approved, Facebook ads app to design, write, target and publish ad campaigns all with no leaving OneSoci 2.0. It has never been easier to publish a winning ad, thanks to this app.

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OneSoci 2.0 – Powerful Social Media App To Create & Run Your Entire Marketing Campaigns From One Powerful Dashboard

“What I really appreciate the most about OneSoci is user friendliness. It really is an enjoyable experience managing all of your fanpages, the cover photos, posts, ads all in one place. That’s how you make a software. I have never enjoyed creating posts as much as I do with OneSoci!” – Srecko Olujic

“Just a word of thanks for this new FB pages manager program! But it does so much more than just allowing me to manage my pages from one site without having to switch back and forth. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time!” – Richard Duke

“I recently got access to phenomenal software call OneSoci that let’s me schedule post on demand, update my cover and structure ad images. Very powerful.” – Eugene Maxey

Here’s everything you get with this amazing deal:

  • Social Media Poster
  • Content Finder
  • Content Scheduler
  • Post Designer
  • Ads Designer
  • Cover Image Designer
  • 30 Templates
  • 1 Click Timeline Optin
  • Ads Manager
  • Analytics Dashboard

OneSoci 2.0 is a new app that allows you carry out practically each task you need to market on Facebook, everything from finding content to making ads, right inside one single powerful dashboard. Forget about tedious time sucking admin tasks and hiring high priced outsourcers. It’s time to take control of your social media marketing with the our innovative all in one management software. Get ready to save countless bills and hours of your time, as this tools blazes through tasks that eat into your day and places you back in control of what you need to be doing in your business. No need to buy loads of different, sumptuous apps, no required to hire expensive outsourcers because OneSoci 2.0 takes the pain out of social media marketing with a matchless feature set. Once you try it, you will wonder how you managed before. So grab OneSoci 2.0 right now.

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OneSoci 2.0 – Powerful Social Media App To Create & Run Your Entire Marketing Campaigns From One Powerful Dashboard


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