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Konvertio Review – Skyrocket Your Sales and Conversions To Any Offer On Autopilot Without Wasting Another Second Trying To Drive Traffic

Konvertio – Skyrocket Your Sales and Conversions To Any Offer On Autopilot Without Wasting Another Second Trying To Drive Traffic

Konvertio is one of kinds software was created by Miles Sharma that offers users the opportunity to getting you more leads and sales in your website revenues. Konvertio is a revolutionary software that’s turns traffic into profits to make it easier to make more sales than ever before. Konvertio squeezes the most possible revenue out of every visitor to your sites & offers. Doesn’t matter what you’re promoting. It just works. You can create huge buzz about your upcoming launches and build a following of people hungry to buy. With Konvertio, you can blast your conversions sky high by creating a unique experience for every site visitor. put this next generation, proven conversion technology to use yourself today.
Konvertio is incredibly easy to use that really takes you seconds to set up a campaign. You just need Install, activate, then customise any campaign you want. Sit back and watch your profits go through the roof while this thing works 24/7 in. Konvertio makes the most out of any traffic you send, converting it into more profits. All ethically and without annoying your visitors. Heck this even customizes your website experience for every user – which drives conversions through the roof.
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Konvertio – Skyrocket Your Sales and Conversions To Any Offer On Autopilot Without Wasting Another Second Trying To Drive Traffic



Konvertio Features :

  • UNLIMITED OPTIONS – Over 15 types of full screen splash pages. Build your list, promote eCom, affiliate or CPA offers, skyrocket your social following or build engagement on your blog. You’re covered with unlimited variety and options to explode your bottom line.
  • BOOST CONVERSION – Choose from 7 customisable pre-set layouts and 5 ready-to-use templates. Use the simple drag and drop editor to create the custom page of your dreams, or just plug in a ready-made template to start boosting conversions immediately.
  • DYNAMIC BACKGROUNDS – Select image, flat color or dynamic video backgrounds to make your pages POP. Use YouTube html videos or ANY mp4 clip to instantly create splash pages that are impossible to resist.
  • COUNTDOWN TIMERS – Sell more using scarcity: leverage the raw converting power of scarcity with customisable countdown timers to see a massive increase in conversions.
  • CUSTOMIZED CTA BUTTONS – Explode your listwith captivating optin forms that integrate seamlessly with your autoresponder. Use our 2-step optin feature to launch additional splash pages that load once a user clicks your customized CTA button.
  • EXIT INTENT TECH – True Exit Intent Tech: forget the old days of annoying pop-ups that intrude whenever a user moves their mouse. Advanced behavioural-based exit technology triggers splash screens only when a visitor TRULY intends to exit.
  • WP WIDGETS – WP Widgets: add ANY type of WP widget to any splash page to massively increase engagement, social following and optins … the sky’s the limit.
  • SURVEYS – Surveys: fully customisable surveys let you find out what YOUR prospects want. Tap into the power of one of the hottest conversion boosters going.
  • ADVANCED LEAD AUTO-CAPTURE – Advanced Lead Auto-Capture: collect leads the SECOND users fill out their info, even before they hit your “submit” button. See a massive increase in your subscribers using this innovative technology.
  • PROFIT DRIVING COUPON CODES – Profit-Driving Coupons Codes: display coupon codes with our “copy” feature – when users click to copy your coupon codes, they’ll be instantly redirected via YOUR link to buy the product on offer without lifting a finger … cash in with the same tech used by TOP coupon companies
  • 100% MOBILE READY – 100% Mobile Friendly: full page splash screens render beautifully on every device that connects to the internet, meaning you see an INSTANT and SIGNIFICANT boost in conversions, simply by reaching users that pop-ups can’t touch

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Konvertio – Skyrocket Your Sales and Conversions To Any Offer On Autopilot Without Wasting Another Second Trying To Drive Traffic

Konvertio is revolutionary software that powered by cutting edge technologies all built in like behavioral exit intent, coupons surveys etc. Konvertio come with Setup automated sales funnels on your site to maximize your conversions and profits. this software Give away coupon codes and discounts at the right time, every time to turn more visitors into buyers. Leverage scarcity with countdown timers to take your profits to the next level. if you are doing anything online that has to do with conversions & profit, Konvertio gives the power to do so with interactive screens.
Here Are Just A Few Of Many Ways You Can Use Konvertio :

  • eCom Vendors that want to maximize profits from every site visitor.
  • List Builders looking to explode their list growth.
  • Affiliate & CPA Marketers who need better conversions on their offers.
  • Product Vendors that want to build buzz about upcoming launches and sell as many units as possible.
  • Social Media Marketers building a viral following in their chosen niche.
  • Bloggers looking to cash in with passive income using AdSense on their sites.
  • Freelancers that want to maximize earnings by getting incredible results for their clients.

Here’s What You’re Getting Inside Konvertio Today:

  • The Konvertio WP Plugin – that features next generation tech to absolutely explode your conversions on EVERY campaign in ANY niche. Using the SAME technology million dollar brands spend THOUSANDS of dollars per month on to get similar results.
  • Lifetime Updates – we won’t leave anyone hanging, and will ensure you get advanced notice of any updates to the plugin moving forward. All included at zero cost.
  • Complete Training – three over the shoulder videos show you EXACTLY how to use and exploit Konvertio for maximum gain.
  • Industry Leading Support – anyone who’s a previous customer knows we’re FANATICS when it comes to customer support. If you ever have an issue or question, just contact our dedicated support desk and we’ll get you sorted immediately.
  • Fast Action Bonus: 5 Free, DFY Splash Page Templates – use these to have your exit campaigns up and running in seconds

Konvertio is flexible way to promote your products or build your lists. Konvertio is the only software in the industry that can intelligently engage your visitors in many ways and put your profits on steriods. The potential with this software is unlimited. It’s the best tech I’ve ever seen for product creators looking to explode your profits.
It’s so much easier to keep a customer than to fight for a new one. Today you can turn more prospects into leads, convert more leads to customers, and create more long term buyers than ever before. Put Konvertio into your arsenal today and maximize the value out of every visitor that hits your sites. Get Konvertio Right Now.
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Konvertio – Skyrocket Your Sales and Conversions To Any Offer On Autopilot Without Wasting Another Second Trying To Drive Traffic
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