IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 by Semantic Mastery Review – Proven Training Course That Learn How To Create IFTTT Networks That Will Help You Dominate Search Results

By | December 29, 2016

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 by Semantic Mastery – Proven Training Course That Learn How To Create IFTTT Networks That Will Help You Dominate Search Results

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is one of kinds course was launched by Semantic Mastery that will learn how to create IFTTT Networks that will help you Dominate search results. What would you accomplish if you could put your content syndication on Autopilot and rank content and videos while you sleep? You want a way to get ahead of the competition in a long lasting and scalable way. With IFTTT 2.0 you’ll be able to spend less time working on you and your client’s SEO while reaping the benefits of safe and long lasting backlink strategies that work while you sleep. Inside you will learn exactly how you can save hours and hours of your time, generate more more revenue, and take advantage of a strategy that will safely rank your content and videos all over the place.

Inside IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0, You’ll be getting invaluable training on long lasting SEO methods that will help you rank your sites, client’s sites, affiliate sites, and more. Not only do you get immediate access to their exclusive training series, but just as importantly, you become a part of the IFTTT SEO community that means you get updates to the training, a close knit (and private) group of fellow IFTTT users sharing tips, trick, and helpful uses, along with powerful advanced modules to help you kick it into high gear. Over the shoulder videos showing you exactly what you need to do Advanced topics with RSS tricks that will make your head spin Private community where you can learn, share, and grow.

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IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 – Proven Training Course That Learn How To Create IFTTT Networks That Will Help You Dominate Search Results

Here’s What You Receive With IFTTT SEO ACADEMY 2.0 Membership

  • On Time Updates – We update fast!
  • Easy To Adapt – Solutions given step by step so it’s easy to stay up to date.
  • Single Location – You know exactly where to go for updates and new videos.
  • Instant Webinar Access – Get access to all IFTTT 2.0 members only webinars regardless of when you joined!


  • Free Tools – We show you exactly the tools you need to make the process fast and easy…and they are free!
  • Staying Safe – Detailed walk through of making sure you create networks safely – no massive bans here!
  • Browser Configuration – See exactly how to set up your browser to make the creation of your networks safe and fast.


  • Detailed Outline – We show you EXACTLY how to create accounts that LAST longer than automated ones!
  • Use Google Properties & MORE – You’ll learn how to take advantage of Google Plus, Blogger, Twitter, & more!
  • Safely Open Email Accounts – Create gmail and other email accounts safely – others struggle to do this simple task and suffer!


  • Connect Correctly – Training includes precise and detailed connection methods so you don’t spend hours trying to it out!
  • Attribution Links – See exactly how to configure IFTTT for the best attribution links that will boost your content!
  • Powerful Recipes – Get access to our private recipes and put them to use for your own networks.


  • Best Practices – Anyone can hook up an RSS feed – do you know to get the most out of it?
  • Tiered Networks – Exponentially boost the power of your syndication!
  • Video Syndication – Find out exactly how you can get videos to rank and STAY on the first page of search results!


  • PBNs – Power up your PBNs and make them safer and more powerful!
  • Video Marketing – Boost videos like never before for solid rankings and client lead gen – a money making area that you can now take full advantage of!
  • Online Reputation Management – One of many lucrative ways to reap the benefits of IFTTT SEO!.

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IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 – Proven Training Course That Learn How To Create IFTTT Networks That Will Help You Dominate Search Results


IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 will show you how to can create powerful content syndication networks that not only rank your content (written, video, podcast, etc) but provides real ranking boosts to your websites and other online properties as well. You are going to see exactly how to accomplish this with a step by step processes that have already shown hundreds how to achieve long lasting success.

Additionally, you’ll be in the company of other ambitious SEO’s, marketers, and content syndicators, in an exclusive (and private) community, sharing tips and tricks to help you get even more out of your IFTTT networks.


  • The Content Marketer – Working for several clients? Do you have your own agency? IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is perfect for you! Giving you the right strategies to produce long term and lasting results that don’t cost thousands of dollars or take months to see results.
  • The SEO – You’ve got content that needs to rank, clients that needs more power for their sites and blogs, and you’re tired of chasing the “latest and greatest”. You want a plan that will work for the long term and produce results. IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is what you need. Long lasting results, safe rankings, and power.
  • The Reputation Manager – You have your client business’ (and your own) reputation in your hands. Use the power of the properties inside IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 to rank them, push those “unwanted” results down and dominate the first page of Google. You can also optimize your client’s social properties so that they get more engagement and five star ratings.
  • The Business Owner – You’ve got your business to tend to. You need an SEO strategy that will work but doesn’t take up a lot of your valuable time. You know you need a safe and long term SEO strategy and IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is just what you need. Do it yourself or have an employee do it for you! It’s that simple.

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IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 – Proven Training Course That Learn How To Create IFTTT Networks That Will Help You Dominate Search Results

IFTTT SEO ACADEMY 2.0 Bonuses For You :

    Live & Private – Exclusive Up to Date Information When you Need it!
    Ongoing – New updates, methods, and more EVERY month!
    And So Much More…
    Power Of A Mastermind – Scientifically proven to boost skills, networking, and more
    Exclusive – Only for IFTTT 2.0 members like yourself!
    And So Much More…
    Additional Syndication – More properties to boost your content!
    Easy To Setup – More power for little additional time!
    And So Much More…
    Free Plugin & Script – Our custom made plugin and scripts to make your RSS feeds even more powerful and save time!!
    Powerful RSS Tricks – Combine RSS feeds, create new feeds, and more!
    And So Much More…
    Not Just 1 Bonus – We’ve got some great surprises waiting for you!
    Start Now – Join all of us today! Get access to all of the bonuses above including these surprise ones!
    And So Much More…

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is the fastest ways to put your entire business growth on autopilot. You and Your Clients Businesses can generate traffic, build leads, and Safe + Powerful Long Term Strategies by using this methods. the best part is You have 30 days to put to use this powerful training and see just how valuable it is! If you are not completely satisfied just contact our support team and we will refund your money. Get IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 Right Now.

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IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 – Proven Training Course That Learn How To Create IFTTT Networks That Will Help You Dominate Search Results


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