Content Nitrous by Omar Martin Review – Powerful System That Will Create You Over $766,025.92 With Only Inject Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Into Your Websites

Content Nitrous by Omar Martin – Powerful System That Will Create You Over $766,025.92 With Only Inject Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Into Your Websites

Content Nitrous is a battle tested super simple back end plugin quietly adds an injection of cash creates passive income and makes you look like a hero. Content Nitrous created by Omar and Melinda Martin. This super system add money making “step boxes” to your own websites. We call it a “step box” because its a box with 3 steps for your customer to follow that have proven to increase profits time and time again. This software and strategy that comes with it is assured to supercharge the backend profits of any website. We took the most profitable tactics from the “backends” of each product launch and created software tools to make them faster, better and more secure. We created a series of strategies and plugins that worked like a charm every single time. We simplified it and decided to call it Nitrous because applying this stuff into your websites is like hitting the Nitrous button on a race car.

Content Nitrous is made up of 2 parts, the software and the strategy. The strategy is delivered to you in best detail within a professionally recorded audio book, PDF manuscript and 4 excellent videos that simplify the entire process. The software is contained in a WordPress software that you will use to deploy a “StepBox” on the backend of all your websites. Step boxes are easy to create and there is a detailed tutorial video. Omar and Melinda’s Content Nitrous strategy clearly explained in a attractive an informative way that you will enjoy and learn from. This isn’t a transcription or some ghostwritten rehashed PLR garbage. This is Omar’s sentences as he explains in detail the way that Content Nitrous came about and how you can make it work for you starting right away.

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Content Nitrous by Omar Martin – Powerful System That Will Create You Over $766,025.92 With Only Inject Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Into Your Websites

Here’s some benefits of Content Nitrous:

  • Creates unlimited step boxes. Insert these on as many websites as you want. Customize them to look the way you want and perform the way you need so that customers become loyal and buy more stuff from you.
  • Adds an injection of cash. The step box plugin adds a high converting high ticket backend webinar to your website. This will add profits to the bottom line of any launch. Select one of our backend products or add your own.
  • Boosts your passive income. The step box automatically creates a “whitelist” page and gets your customer to add your email to their email contacts so your follow up emails will never get filtered as spam.
  • Assembles a peer community. To reduces help desk nightmares, your customers will be added to your Facebook group through peer to peer support. Then the audience assembled in this community will revere you and buy more product.

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Content Nitrous by Omar Martin – Powerful System That Will Create You Over $766,025.92 With Only Inject Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Into Your Websites

These strategy modules that you can follow to get the power of Content Nitrous:

Strategy Module 1 – Website Monetization.
– This module will teach you exactly what page and more importantly, what section of that page in your website holds the most profit creating potential. You will learn the an appropriate way to make money from this often forgotten web real estate without pissing off your customers or making them feel like they’re walking through the times square of web advertising.
– You’ll be in a position to boost the ongoing profits from every single website you own after you watch this video. This new understanding of website monetization will even make you want to build new websites only for the sole purpose of monetizing them on the inside in unique ways you’ve never even heard anyone talk about before.

Strategy Module 2 – “Thud” Factor.
– This video will tell you the concepts which will build loyal customers who keep coming back to your websites and buying from you over and over again. This is how reliable consistent money is made in any business that is by making loyal customers. A pleased customer will buy from anyone, its not enough to just satisfy them.
– You’ve got to make them loyal so that they only buy from you. So many site owners and marketers out there get this all wrong.
– They convince themselves that they are “Over Delivering” when in reality they don’t even completely understand what that expression even means. If you knew how to make Thud factor with your existing customers you wouldn’t have to constantly be hoping to find new ones. Thats the skill you will master in the module.

Strategy Module 3 – Recurring Income.
– The famine or feast model is way to common amongst Internet “marketers” and its likely that the mentors you’ve been listening to have doomed you into making products and launching them again and again.
– Thats not a bad thing as long as you have continuity built in. Until you develop some sort of a recurring billing product that ensure you money each and every month you will always be trapped in a feast or famine model.
– It’s a great feeling to wake up on the first of the month and know that you already had $40,000 automatically deposited into your bank account cause your automatic rebills hit last night.
– There is a certain calmness and serenity that comes over your life when you create a real profit like this instead of trying to push another $7 WSO each month.
– You’ll discover how easy it is to create real recurring revenue and the right way to do it in this module.

Strategy Module 4 – Profitable Usability.
– This module will open up an entire side of marketing for you that you probably didn’t even know existed. We’re about to teach you how to control your customers propensity to buy more, so that you can create as much money as possible from them by making their user experience as happy as possible.
– There’s a reason why milk is always sold in the furthest area in the back of the grocery store. It is because milk is the the most frequently purchased item in the store and by putting it way in the back customers are forced to walk by other products that they need.
– Taking that same approach in your website design and layout is what true marketing is all about and thats what you’re going to master in this training module. This module will blow you away.

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Content Nitrous by Omar Martin – Powerful System That Will Create You Over $766,025.92 With Only Inject Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Into Your Websites

“Not just the plugin but this entire system is revolutionary. Frankly its just the way that Omar thinks about marketing. He sees opportunities the rest of us usually miss. The Content Nitrous step box and his whole back end “Thud Factor” concept is pure genius. This approach has made me an incalculable amount of money. Do what Omar says.” – Michael Cheney

“I really love my Content Nitrous plugin because it adds a “backend” to make money with my websites. I installed the Content Nitrous plugin and I created a step box for my download page in minutes. Now my website has a high ticket backend webinar offer to make me passive income. It was pretty easy to set up too. I love it.” – Lonnie Robinson

“Omar and Melinda just keep getting better and better. I’ve been using their StepBox method inside of my websites since before they even named it “Nitrous”. Even back when it was just long raw code it worked like a charm but now this new plugin is amazing! Such a powerful little tool. If you plan to have a website and customers buy this now.” – John Thornhill

Content Nitrous is a combination of tools and strategy to create a consistent recurring income for you. It will help you kick off your own internet marketing careers and bring in consistent life changing income. We use Content Nitrous in all our membership sites and thank you pages. Content Nitrous has turbo boosted our back end income while making us look like heros in the eyes of our customers. This is perfect system to catapult your income and improve your life. So get Content Nitrous right now.

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Content Nitrous by Omar Martin – Powerful System That Will Create You Over $766,025.92 With Only Inject Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Into Your Websites

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