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CreateStudio By Josh Ratta Review – Revolutionary Video Animation Software To Produce Gorgeous Animation Videos In Minutes

CreateStudio By Josh Ratta Review – Revolutionary Video Animation Software To Produce Gorgeous Animation Videos In Minutes

What Is CreateStudio

CreateStudio is a breakthrough video animation software which allows you to create custom animations as well as use motion presets and templates.This software is so powerful as it combines both advanced and beginner features outside of Adobe After Effects to help you create top-notch quality animated video with no skills or experience needed!. There has never been such a rich video animation software which combines both advanced & beginner features outside of Adobe After Effects. With CreateStudio Users can create Explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters, lower third animations, logo stings, YouTube content, social videos, sales & promo videos, mobile stories, eCommerce ads, local business videos, virtually any kind of video with ease of use and dynamic features. By investing in this software, you will be able to achieve high-quality animation videos at ease. Thus, you can save more time for yourself while grabbing instant traffic.

CreateStudio will aid you in making an unlimited number of animation videos with the same quality. This software coming with advanced features will speed up and simplify your process, so what you need to do is stay relaxed and enjoy your work. Giving you the flexibility to create custom animations, and also use motion presets & templates for ease of use and speed. Moreover, incredible animation videos generated by CreateStudio are all high-converting, thereby helping you appeal to people to feast their eyes on them and then consider buying your products and services. Hence, you will obtain traffic effortlessly and can rest assured to promote the process to provide more stunning videos for your customers.

There are lots of types of video that you can create with CreateStudio including:
-Explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters
-Lower third animations
-Logo stings
-YouTube content
-Social videos
-Sales & promo videos
-Mobile stories
-eCommerce ads
-Local business videos
-And many more

CreateStudio Features

CreateStudio will let you experience the most comfortable process of creating animation videos thanks to its awesome features and tangible advantages:

    You can instantly animate any media, shapes and text with just 1-click using our pre-designed animation presets. Users can also adjust the settings of the presets to customize to your needs.
    Easily create custom animations without keyframes or complex settings! Many elements you can animate; The position, size, opacity, rotation, skew, colour, border, shadow and more!
    The most advanced video encoding technology is used which means that videos you publish with CreateStudio not only look amazing, but the file size is upto 8X smaller than videos you create with other software. In comparison with a well know editor Camtasia: I exported a video with Camtasia which resulted in a file size of 316MB. While I exported the exact same video with CreateStudio and the result was a file size of just 36MB! And the quality exactly the same! This is huge, because with smaller video file sizes, your videos will load much faster on your landing pages! Speed increases conversions!
    You are unique, and so should your videos be too! Go beyond what rigid template based software can offer, and create unique custom video content that’s unique to you!
    Users can import SVG images! They can then choose whether they want to import each individual layer or make it into a 1 layer image. They can then animate the SVG’s using motion presets or custom animations! Exporting SVG’s as compound shapes are the best if you want to change the entire colour and make it just 1 layer.
    Remove any colour on your videos with our simple eye-dropper tool and adjust the threshold. You can then add a video or image in the background for creative greenscreen videos,
    Users can also select from a massive library of vector shapes, change colours and animate!. Quickly add vector based shapes, change the colours, and animate them with our incredible shape library.
    Creating videos will never be the same again with StudioBuilder! Our drag and drop scene and video builder that comes with loads of animated 2D & 3D characters, animated transitions, text titles, kinetic typography, social icons, shapes and more!

CreateStudio software offers an attractive template and a top-notch edit tool that both work well and optimize the process. What is more, every videos’ elements such as transitions, texts, emoji are all equipped in the software, which is undeniably that videos made by CreateStudio are perfect. CreateStudio is truly a game changer as it’s extremely easy to create animated video with no hassles. With just a few clicks of mouse and using the simple drag-and-drop technique, you will be able to turn your ideas into a stunning video!. There is absolutely no worries as even if you have zero skills or experience in video creation, this product is totally perfect for you!

CreateStudio enables you to create top-notch video animation at ease. With the help of the amazing inbuilt tools, you was able to create stunning videos that my visitors just can’t help falling in love with. The built-in template library in this app is divided into different types and they all look professional and visually attractive. You only need to have a quite good taste in art to mix and match to make the templates unique and fit well in your video.

How Does It Work

If you want to take full benefit of CreateStudio, you just need to follow the simple 3-step process below:

This is the desktop software so you need to spend a few minutes installing the app into your PC, depending on the internet speed in your area.

Now, you can start your project with the Create new project option in the main dashboard:
To install a new project, you need to:
+ Add the project name
+ Choose the video preset
+ Adjust the size of your video
+ Choose the background color (the default background is black)

You can also start your project with a template from the app library. Click to the template and preview it. If you’re satisfied with the template.

The app gives you a timeline editor for easier arrangement and editing. When you click to the element in the timeline, the app will highlight the area which the element represents in the preview screen.

You can use items from their media library, use files from your imported folder or import your file immediately. Take a look at this template. In the LAPTOP BACK element, the character was surfing the website.

It’s very simple to do this. You just need to drag the imported file and drop it to the editing area. However, please make sure your elements show up in the right time and blend in the background.

Click to the ‘T’ icon on the top bar of the screen to add new text box.
You have full control to format the text (change the font, size, color, etc). Use the tools under the preview screen to change the text position and size.

Click to the Studio button to see various animations included in the app: Scenes, Characters, Transitions, Icons, Backgrounds, Titles, Social, Devices, Emoji, etc.

For every change you make, you should click Save. When you finalize your project, click to the Publish button on the right side of the screen to export the video file. You can choose the file type and choose the save folder in the Export Options.

CreateStudio serves perfectly for people who want to leverage their video marketing business. If you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

+Internet Marketer
+Product creator
+Affiliate marketer
+Social media marketer
+Small or local business
+eCom business owner
And the list goes on and on.

CreateStudio Review

CreateStudio is the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software made for experienced & complete newbie video creators. CreateStudio is the best option you have known for creating brilliant videos with no skills or experience required. CreateStudio is totally cost-effective and everyone should try it out. It will transform the way you do your video marketing so why not give yourself a chance.