Zapable – The Instant Mobile App Agency By Qtech Horizon LTD Review

Zapable By Qtech Horizon LTD Review – The Instant Mobile App Agency With Drag n Drop Technology To Create Mobile Professional App Within Minutes For a local business and  Generate Cash In $500 – $3000 a Time

Zapable is a new software to build an app in less than 60 seconds for a local business and cash in $500 – $3000 a time And EARN a monthly retainer fee. Zapable is a brand new software was developed by Andrew Fox. How To DOMINATE A Virtually Untapped $4.4 Billion Dollar Market Place And Create Your  Own Professional App Within Minutes. Fast, Easy And Simple To Use!. Zapable is a premium App Building software for IOS & Android with features perfect for all niche markets & the local business sector.

Inside Zapable, you will discover the way to infiltrate a virtually untapped $4.4 BILLION dollar goldmine that has been sitting right under your nose this very time, It’s ‘Drag n Drop’ simple but will have you producing incredible apps within minutes. No matter what business you are in Amazon, Local Marketing, Affiliate,  CPA, Facebook, Paid Traffic, Seo this is for you. An App is one of those small icons on your phone or tablet Well imagine building one in less than 60 seconds with ZERO previous experience.

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Zapable – Create Mobile Professional App Within Minutes For a local business and  Generate Cash In $500 – $3000 a Time With Drag n Drop Technology

Whatever your respective field online Apps are taking over And you can either get in first or play ‘catch up’ :
#1 – Local Business Apps – The Hottest Opportunity On The Planet
Apps are the next stage of evolution. Everyone wanted a website years ago – now they want an app.

  • It’s as easy as ‘cutting and pasting’ all the content from a clients website into an app. You can even do it live in front of them
  • You can even add their facebook page, youtube channel, twitter account, instagram.
    Blow their mind by showing how they can send a ‘push button’ notification to clients. Imagine a law firm sending a message to people who downloaded their app “Get your free legal consultation today”
  • Local restaurants. Show the business owner how their app can receive take away orders online or how customers can make a table reservation. They will be amazed. We plug into Open Table, Just Eat and several other online ordering services. Upload their menus online, or images of the types of food they serve.
    Digital Loyalty Card Function. “Buy 6 Coffees, Get 1 Free”. Virtually stamps your card.

#2 – Facebook Marketer’s – Watch This Monetization Strategy…
There are now over 42 million Facebook Fan pages on the Internet.  Apps are the next generation for monetizing them.

  • Add any Fan Page With the Click Of A Button To Your App. Cut and Paste the address of the fan page in and it will even show suggestions
  • Data feed is pulled live from Facebook direct to the app seamlessy.
  • Auto Live Update. As you update your FB Fan page your app updates automatically. No need for the end user to re-install.

#3 – Automatically Build Instant Amazon Catalogues with Your Affiliate Link
66.8% of smartphone owners use an Amazon App* and did you know know 60% of Amazon sales in December 2014 came via mobile /tablet?

  • Build unlimited Amazon catalogues by just entering your Keyword and picking via “Drag n Drop” what items you want
  • If anyone buys an item, you earn an affiliate commission through your Amazon account
  • Money making Hint. Build an app about a famous celebrity. When they release a new product on Amazon send a push button notification about it! Or send them to a review page in app, and then link to the product for even better conversion rates.

#4 – Video marketer? Zapable Allows You To Place YouTube Videos Directly In Your App
“Since 2007 we have paid over $1 billion to our partners”

  • With Zapable just enter your Keyword, hit Search and select from millions of videos from Youtube
    Select from “Search, Playlist and Channel” options. or just paste the URL of your YouTube Video In
    Build unlimited categories. Customize your icons and video descriptions

#5 – SEO – Your backdoor way to getting ranked super fast in organic search for terms otherwise unattainable
The secret back door to getting rankings in search engines

  • Build apps like you would build your niche websites
  • Except promote your app listing benefits, push notification etc. It’s nearly better than a website!
  • Rank your apps super fast in organic search for terms otherwise unattainable

#6 – Promote Your Own Business
Do you have your own business? Then you definitely need an app. Add your Own YouTube Channel, Facebook Feed, Instagram, Twitter and boost your engagement by over 400%

  • Send push button notifications to people who download the apps and and charge your client a premium fee
  • Build our your own Ecommerce store
  • Sell products on Amazon? Include your Amazon product catalogue

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Zapable – Create Mobile Professional App Within Minutes For a local business and  Generate Cash In $500 – $3000 a Time With Drag n Drop Technology

Fully Customizable design

  • Dozens of Ready Made background templates
  • Upload your own template/background
  • 100’s of App Icons to Use
  • Customize Splash screen (Screen as app loads)
  • Customize your own App Icons
  • Re arrange your features wherever you want
  • Drag n drop real time colour changer
  • all done real time
  • Change, text, titles, icons, backgrounds, hover over, all done real time

Powerful E-commerce Features

  • Amazon – Build full Catalogues by entering a single keyword
  • Itunes – Add MP3, Videos, audio books and more with your affiliate link embedded
  • YouTube – Add Any Video From YouTube with one click. Just Enter a Keyword or the video URL
  • Upload Your Own Videos
  • Add Your Own Articles
  • Dynamic – Update your app once from central web console and content updates on any app
  • Send Push Button Notifications to anyone who has downloaded your App
  • Collect Opt-ins – Build your list super fast
  • Audio Gallery – Integrate Sound cloud & podcasts
  • In App Purchase – Sell Premium Content
  • Location – Auto notify

Local Business & Restaurant

  • Location – Auto notify
  • Order Food – Links to Grub Hub, Just Eat and 7 other popular online resources
  • Book a Table – A restaurant can take reservations online
  • Book An Appointment – Perfect for service based industries
  • Click To Call – When the icon is clicked in the app it will call that number
  • Click To Email – When clicked opens in default email client

Social & User Engagement

  • Facebook – Display your Facebook feed in app
  • Twitter – Displays your recent Twitter Feed
  • Instagram – Shows your latest posts
  • Flickr – Display your photo reel

Free “Quick Start ” Webinar Training – Four Ways To Start Making Money With Your Apps FAST. New Training Is Released Each Week

  • Free Training Bonuses #1 : Become A Powerhouse Amazon Affiliate With Apps
  • Free Training Bonuses #2 : Local Business “Zap” Empire Building
  • Free Training Bonuses #3 : Facebook  – Monetizing Your Fan Pages
  • Free Training Bonuses #4 : Video Marketing “Zap” Sense

Zapable is unlike anything you have seen in the market place!. If You’re a Facebook, Amazon, Affiliate, Video, SEO or Local Business Marketer –  You’re In The App Business. Get in on this ground floor opportunity today, get ahead of the curve and tap into a huge $4.4 Billion dollar and (exponentially growing) industry and claim your piece of the pie.

Zapable  is The incredible software with over 27 incredible features (new ones added each month), the Zapable Academy, the training, the monetization methods, And the team behind it. It’s unstoppable – and can only get better!. Get Zapable Righ Now.

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Zapable – Create Mobile Professional App Within Minutes For a local business and  Generate Cash In $500 – $3000 a Time With Drag n Drop Technology


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